October 23, 2008

Hillel @ HCA 2008 Highlights

The Knights improved to 3-2 with a 14-6 win over Hillel. The torrential downpour, that lasted throughout the game, limited both team's offensive output. The win was the third in a row for Highlands Christian.

Westwood @ HCA Highlights 2008

September 29, 2008

Highlands Christian @ Northwest Highlights 9/19/08

HCA 41
NW Chr. 0

Stay tuned for highlights of the Knights (2-2) 19-6 victory over Westwood Christian last Friday.

June 2, 2008

Primetime TV Proves It's Not Ready For MMA

Promoter, Gary Shaw and Elite XC were hoping to take the world by storm Saturday night with the first ever MMA broadcast on network television. The results were less than spectacular and raise questions about the viability of Mixed Martial Arts as a mainstream sport.

It seemed that Elite XC was walking on egg shells all night, concerned with showing too much violence . This perhaps led to (some would say) the premature stoppages of the Smith/Lawler and Slice/Thompson fights, as well as two other questionable televised fights.

Kimbo Slice has built is reputation on brutality. If Elite XC and CBS are going to market this brutality to the masses, then they better be prepared to deliver when fight night rolls around. This was not the case on Saturday night.

Why does CBS air shows like CSI , but MMA needs to be toned down? If the world (or more importantly, the network suits) isn't ready to accept MMA as a sport, then so be it. But, please don't water it down for a 9PM time slot.

The overly cautious approach, coupled with very poor time management on the broadcast may have turned more fans away, instead of attracting new ones to the sport. If Elite XC goes forward with a second CBS show (which looks likely) I hope they learn from their mistakes.

May 20, 2008

Quick Hits: Barkley, Big Brown, Lottery . . . Oh, And Some Fighting

"Sir Charles" announced on TNT last night that he's through with gambling . . . for now. Barkley wouldn't commit to quitting for life, but said he won't gamble for the next 1-2 years. This came after a controversy surrounding an outstanding casino debt. I've always liked Barkley (especially as a TV personality), but his numerous failed diets have demonstrated his lack of will power, and I don't see how this scenario will end with different results.

Big Brown is one win away from the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. While the tragedy at the Derby put a damper on Big Brown's performance in Kentucky, nothing could detract from his dominating performance at the Preakness.

When Jannero Pargo missed a wide open 3 from the corner with about 1 minute remaining, I could feel the 2008 playoffs losing some if their luster. Sure, the Lakers and Celtics are still alive, and this is seemingly the matchup everyone is pining for. But, on the flip side, there's Detroit and San Antonio. Should the Pistons and Spurs win their series', we will get a rematch of the most boring 7 games in playoff history (also known as the 2005 NBA Finals)

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place tonight (followed by game 1 of the Eastern Finals) @ 7:30 on ESPN. I hear Jay-Z's representing the Nets . . . why should we care?

This Saturday it's a battle pitting Hawaiian Pride vs. 'Roid Rage, as BJ Penn takes on Sean Sherk for the UFC Lightweight Championship. The "Ill Will" card also features Wanderlei Silva squaring off aginst Keith Jardine, and Tito Ortiz vs. Lyoto Machida.

Also this Saturday, Ricky Hatton (43-1) returns to action against Juan Lazcano (37-4-1). Lazcano should challenge Hatton, but don't expect any upsets. Lazcano would have to KO Ricky to get a win in the UK, and i don't see that happening. Hatton by TKO Rd. 10.